Rainbow Rawfood is temporarily closed.
We can’t wait to see your smiles, but until then please eat well, stay healty and wear a mask to protect yourself and others.

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Rainbow RawFood is a Vegan cafe restaurant in Ebisu, Tokyo

Welcome to Rainbow RawFood Cafe Restaurant!

Raw food is about Enzyme Nutrition A way of eating based on natural law. Raw food refers to uncooked foods. It is a diet of eating uncooked natural ingredients (vegetables and fruits), so you can take into the body living vitamins, minerals, and dietary enzymes. When natural ingredients are heated to over 46 to 48℃, many dietary enzymes are destroyed, therefore it is important to cook foods raw or under 48℃. Ingesting living enzymes, improves metabolism, detoxification, and digestion, which produces the effect of maintaining health and slimming the body.

Access & Hours

Address 3-17-14-8F Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan 150-0011
Biz Hours Mon-Sat (closed on sundays)

LUNCH is OPEN on Tuesdays and Wednesdays ONLY
Lunch : 11:00-14:30 (Food L.O. 14:30)

Dinner Time menu is VEGAN HEMP Cuisine。
18:00-23:00 (Food L.O. 22:00)
check out HEMPCAFETOKYO.com


Goodbye to stoic diets! Raw food & light vegan cafe enjoyed by all We believe that no matter how good something is, “if you can’t continue it, there is no point” and “if word doesn’t travel, there is no point”. So, rather than using ingredients that are expensive or difficult to obtain we use everyday ingredients and aspire for likable, “home cooked taste” and “affordable” raw food. We broke away from the stoic image of “a special diet for certain people” and created a tropical, fun atmosphere that can be experienced by all, regardless of your type of diet or eating habits.


What Japanese need most right now is periodical fasting. We, Japanese, are said to accumulate over 4kg/year of additives and other harmful substances in the body. Even if we are careful with what we eat, nutrients cannot be adequately absorbed through clogged intestines, creating a status of “overeating but malnourished” in current Japanese. Enzyme fasting is not only a diet, but truly detoxifies, rejuvenates, and improves your constitution and intestines. Japanese will become more aware of the appreciation of food and will contribute to ending starvation. Also, the enzyme product used for fasting acts as a savior that regulates the intestinal environment, and should be incorporated into everyday diet.


Accepting differing values and diversity for a society that respects each other. The “rainbow” in Rainbow Raw Food represents diversity. As there are many different diets and eating customs, I believe that because people are all unique, we stimulate and enhance each other. We state in our code of conduct, not only towards our staff but towards everyone: to respect individual diversity, values, and characteristics; not to act violent, sexually harass, abuse power, or discriminate against age, gender, sexual orientation, occupation, family, race, religion, nationality, disabilities, etc.; and to respect each other.

MENU ~Enjoy authentic raw food~

Raw Smoothies ¥500~
Raw Pad Thai Salad ¥1050
Classic! Anglerfish liver-like Sushi Roll ¥980
Raw Puddings, Ice creams, Cakes ¥580~
Raw Norimaki Lunch Set ¥1,350~
50% Raw Burgers Lunch Set ¥1,500
Organic Wines, Beers, Shochu ¥580~
Enzyme Cocktails, Enzyme drinks ¥500~
Prix Fix Dinner ¥3,024~rainbowrawfoodcafe@gmail.com


Rather than one 100% raw vegetarian One hundred 51% raw vegetarians! Raw Food Cooking Class (Just Bring Yourself) Just bring yourself after work and participate in this demonstration-style cooking class. You can substitute it for dinner. Both men and women are welcome! No preparation is needed and one-time participation is accepted. Recipes change every month.

Owner’s Profile

I dropped out of high school at 16 and left for the US. After spending time in Hawaii and San Francisco, I managed various internet businesses. However, years of irregular habits resulted in gastric ulcers, depression, bad acne, hay fever, arrhythmia, atopic dermatitis, horrible backaches, etc. At this time, I saw a TV shopping program that triggered the start of my new diet of fruits for breakfast and fasting with enzyme juice.

By undergoing a diet that is “worlds apart from common knowledge”, I realized the potential of enzymes. I then went on to acquire the Raw Food Meister Grade 1 and the Raw Food Chef Grade 1 certification, and later opened Rainbow Raw Food in Hamamatsucho in 2010 and moved and reopened in Ebisu in 2013. Currently, as café owner, I develop new recipes, while traveling to various areas to hold lectures about improving diet, resuscitating the environment, and self-fulfillment, hoping to inspire others to “want to learn the truth” and “to realize your infinite potential”. What I am hoping for is simple:

For all people to enjoy life! Raw food and enzymes are amazing and are especially needed for the physical and mental health of modern people. However, this is just one means to health. Our means is improving diet, eating raw food, taking enzymes, and fasting. I truly hope that Rainbow Raw Food becomes your motivator to brighten your life and soul. We must live in a way not only friendly to people, but to animals and the environment, to accept diversity, and to coexist and co-prosper, in order to contribute to society. While praying that the road to self-fulfillment will open up, we will continue everyday to pursue more ways to contribute to society. We are thankful for meeting you!!!

Keiichi Kato
Owner, Rainbow Raw Food

Banquets, parties

Receptions and other events are all welcome. Prix fix menus available starting at 3,500Yen. Feel free to contact us at 03-6412-8689.
(We are able to assist you in English if you e-mail us. rainbowrawfoodcafe@gmail.com)


Do I need to be vegetarian?

“Our café is completely vegetarian and mainly raw food, but all our staffs love drinking and are not 100% vegetarian or raw foodist. If I were to describe us, we are “every-tarian”. Don’t be afraid to come to our café! “

Will just veggies and fruits be filling?

“We like filling meals, so our portions are rather large. We’re sure you will be content!”

All the foods are Organic? How do you deal with radioactivity?

“Vegetables and fruits we use are not 100% organic, but we try to get products with reduced pesticide. Then we soak them in eco water, which suppresses oxidation and helps to remove radioactivity and chemicals. “

Which menus are vegan?

“All our menus are vegan, and most of them are raw food. We don’t use any animal products, dairy products, refined sugar or MSG.”

Customer’s Voices

I expected small portions and dull flavors, and was surprised that everything was so tasty!(Male, company executive, in his 40s)
I could eat the nori wrap everyday without getting bored! (Tax accountant in his 30s)
I take a taxi just to come eat lunch at your cafe (Female, company worker, in her 30s)
I would never notice if you didn’t tell me its vegetarian or raw. (Housewife in her 40s)
A little small, but nice and cozy. (Male, company worker, in his 20s)
I always get great hints on life. (Female in her 20s)
The books they have are great. For self-development. (Female in her 40s)
Somehow calming (Male, self-employed, in his 40s)
The not-too-serious atmosphere is comfortable. (Company manager in his 30s)
The prix fixe dinner is too big! (Housewife in her 50s)
It would be nice to have something easy to eat even with bad teeth. (Female in her 70s)
I would order the sweets online. (Multiple responses)
It was the best nori wrap I had during my travels. (Tourist from North America)